Kygo drops “Think About You,” featuring Valerie Broussard

The Norwegian EDM producer gets nostalgic for Valentine’s Day.

Kygo has dropped his first new song of 2019: “Think About You,” a sentimental love song which was aptly released on Valentine’s Day.

The tender dance track, which features Valerie Broussard on vocals, incorporates a melodic electric guitar riff, dramatic piano chords and bright synths. “I cut the tree down that we grew / You know the one we carved our names into? / Still, I can’t go back to the places we knew / ’Cause they ask me if I still think about you,” Broussard sings.

“Think About You” is the third in a string of new singles from the dance pop producer, who released “Born to Be Yours” with Imagine Dragons and “Happy Now” with Sandro Cavazza last year.

Stream “Think About You” below:



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