Kingdom announces new album with “No More Same”

‘Neurofire’ is out in September.

Los Angeles producer and DJ Kingdom has released the new song “No More Same” featuring Luvk, the first preview from his upcoming album Neurofire.

On the track, which the duo co-wrote with Rush Davis and Farrah Fawx, Luvk sings about breaking out of her old ways and searching for something bigger and better. “Want to turn my world inside out / Set this shit on fire,” she sings, “Bridges turn to flames / I’m burnin out / At peace in the ashes.”

“No More Same” is the opening track of Neurofire, which is due out September 18 on Kingdom’s own label Fade to Mind. The follow-up to his 2017 debut album Tears in the Club, the LP also includes collaborations with Kayla Blackmon, Uniiqu3, Tre Oh Fie, Pheona, Tiara Thomas and more.


Kingdom has made both the original and instrumental version of “No More Same” available for sale on Bandcamp. Proceeds from the tracks will benefit the organizations Transgender Law Center and Dream Defenders.

Buy “No More Same” on Bandcamp here and listen to the song below:

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