Kill Paris harnesses plant power on “Two Minds”

Redefining EDM one song at a time.

This is how you change the game. Kill Paris, who’s regarded as one of the most creative producers in EDM, has released a new track called “Two Minds,” featuring Tim Moyo. But that’s just half of the news. The song was produced with MIDI Sprout technology—which literally turns the life force of plants into audio signals.

Yup, this is an all-natural, all-vegan organic banger.

Thankfully, the track itself is awesome. Backed by a lush soundscape, “Two Minds” cruises along with powerful bass and airy synths, plus Moyo’s smooth vocals adding extra texture to the tune.


It’s an innovative use of new production technology—and proves why Kill Paris has such a solid rep in the electronic scene.

Stream “Two Minds” below:

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