Kelly Lee Owens drops two new songs, “Let it Go” and “Omen”

Ahead of a 12-inch vinyl release in July.

British producer Kelly Lee Owens has dropped two new songs: “Let it Go” and “Omen.”

The former track, which Owens crafted for a set at London club Fabric earlier this year and also released as an Adult Swim single, is a deft blend of techno and new-wave trip-hop that fringes at times on something darker. “Omen,” on the other hand, bounces along on its dance beat, almost taunting other DJs to remix its late-night instrumental groove.

The two tracks will feature on a limited 12-inch release via Smalltown Supersound on July 5. This is Owens’ first new release since her 2017 self-titled debut. Stream “Let it Go” and “Omen” below:


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