Kayzo gives Papa Roach’s “Last Resort” an EDM makeover

It's a distinctly different take on the rock classic.

If you were even remotely into rock or metal music in the noughties, there’s a good chance you screamed your lungs out to Papa Roach’s iconic “Last Resort.”

Fast-forward to today, and the track’s been given an EDM makeover, courtesy of Kayzo. And it’s the perfect mix of nostalgia and new.

A lot of what made the original such a hit is still there—from the crunching guitars to lead singer Jacoby Shaddix’s vocals. But Kayzo’s added a thudding, dubstep-infused hard dance beat on top of it. By the time the first bridge kicks in, the whole track gets turned up to 11.


“Papa Roach, among a handful of other bands, were really influential to me in my early teens when I really didn’t know anything about life,” Kayzo said in a recent interview. “To be able to now collaborate with the band still blows my mind.”

The fresh take on the track is part of a bigger project from Geffen Records that reimagines some of the label’s classic releases.

It’s as noisy as the original—but in a different kind of way.


Check it out:

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