Justin Caruso brings all the feels to “More Than a Stranger”

The DJ/producer’s fresh track, which features Cappa and Ryan Hicari, is an electropop earworm about that first brush with new love.

Justin Caruso on Saturday shared a new track that secured his status as a DJ/producer to watch. Like his other tunes, “More Than a Stranger” fuses pop and electronic music in one smooth-as-silk package. But this time ’round, Caruso brought pianos and guitars to the fore.

With the fresh-faced DJ on production duties, Cappa and Ryan Hicari lay down the emotional resonance of the song in a duet, their voices made even sweeter by a vocoder. Pianos and guitars balance the beats, but they don’t take away from the slick, poppy vibe of the single, whose lovelorn lyrics spin a story about a relationship not yet ready to bloom.

“It would be that feeling of when you’re out with a big group and you see that one person that catches your eye,” Caruso said. “When I was out with friends and we all went to a bar in Los Angeles, I saw this one girl, and for the rest of the night, she was all I thought about and all I was focused on. I knew in that moment when I saw her that nothing else that night would matter to me and everything around me became meaningless.”


Listen to “More Than a Stranger” here:

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