Jon Hopkins reworks Thom Yorke’s “Dawn Chorus”

Hear a dreamy reimagining of Yorke’s melancholic ‘ANIMA’ track.

Jon Hopkins has shared a beautiful rework of Thom Yorke’s “Dawn Chorus,” from the Radiohead frontman’s 2019 solo album ANIMA.

Hopkins reworked the song’s needly keys into a tender piano progression for the centrepiece of the evocative remix. The producer recorded it in April in one take on an upright piano he’s had since childhood. At the time, it was the first thing Hopkins had recorded in weeks, and made for what he described as “a very cathartic experience.”

“I felt such bliss the first time I heard this piece – it seemed so mysterious and hypnotic, oblique but warm,” Hopkins recalled in a statement. “I thought there was so much beauty in that chord sequence that there was room to explore it on the piano and see what grew from it.”


Earlier this year, Hopkins released the meditation piece “Singing Bowl (Ascension).” Yorke, on the other hand, released two collaborations with Burial and Four Tet on vinyl. The songs, “Her Revolution” and “His Rope,” were recently made available on streaming services.

Listen to Hopkins’ remix of “Dawn Chorus” here:

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