Jlin, Lanark Artefax, Kelly Lee Owens remix Björk’s “Arisen My Senses”

    The three reworks of the track off Björk’s ‘Utopia’ will also be available as a 12-inch EP.

    Björk Jlin Kelly Lee Owens Lanark Artefax Remix
    Björk. Image: Santiago Felipe / Getty Images

    Björk’s latest album, Utopia, dropped in November last year to massive critical acclaim. Riding on the momentum, the Icelandic chanteuse yesterday released a new EP that sees three left-of-field electronic DJ/producers remix “Arisen My Senses,” the first track off the album.

    Jlin, Kelly Lee Owens and Lanark Artefax take the haunting tune and make it their own—which is to say completely unrecognizable from Björk’s original. Jlin spins a web of dense footwork rhythms, Owens stretches out the tune into an ambient four-to-the-floor journey, and Lanark brings the textures and noise. They’re vastly different reworks, and it’s easy to listen past Björk’s voice in the background.

    The three remixes are now available as a digital download, and will appear on a 12-inch EP due May 25. Bizarrely, the record will be pressed on “slug genitalia-colored vinyl.” Yeah, we’re not quite sure about that.

    Check out the “Arisen My Senses” remixes here: