Jaydon Lewis drops “Runaway”

Another smash from the young South African DJ.

Considering he’s only 17 years old, South African DJ-producer Jaydon Lewis has already made some massive waves in the electronic music world. And with his new track “Runaway,” it looks like he’s only getting bigger.

Featuring the vocals of fellow South African artist ChianoSky, “Runaway” is a disco- and funk-influenced house track with a seriously catchy melody. “Calling, pick me up, anytime you’re free / In the morning, wake me up, or wake up next to me,” the singer-songwriter purrs as the track begins.

When the chorus hits, Lewis flips the script, chopping up vocals with a finger-snapping beat as ChionaSky delivers the chorus: “If you want, we can run away / Somewhere by the sea / If you want, take a moment / A moment next to me.” Good luck getting it out of your head.


The fact that Lewis is only 17 and already dropping tracks like “Runaway” proves that it’s definitely time to get familiar with the up-and-comer.

Stream the track below:

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