Jauz drops “Super Fly” featuring 666, and it’s a beast

It’s a prelude of his upcoming album, ‘The Wise and the Wicked.’

Bass house and dubstep man of the moment, Jauz, has released an earth-shattering new single titled “Superfly.”

The drop, which features German DJ 666, is in support of his forthcoming debut album, The Wise and the Wicked. “Super Fly” is a hard-hitting number that’s reminiscent of old-school raves, but with some modern touches.

The producer launches you unto the dancefloor from the get-go, with electrifying synths and thumping basslines preceding wacky vocals. He doesn’t really take his foot off the pedal, so be ready to dance the whole way through.


Of his upcoming 23-track LP, Jauz has warned his shark squad that he’ll be exploring all sorts of genres. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see what he has planned.

Stream “Superfly” below:

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