Jai and AK Paul’s label, Paul Institute, shares new EP

‘Summer 2020’ features artists from their label roster.

Paul Institute, the record label from sibling producers Jai and AK Paul, has released a brand-new EP titled Summer 2020.

The six-track project features contributions from various Paul Institute artists, including Ruthven (on “Have You Decided?”), Hira (“Unreal”), Reinen (“Shadow Knight”) and Fabiana Palladino (“Waiting”). AK Paul’s previously released song, “Be Honest,” is also included on the EP.

Summer 2020 closes out with the groove-laden jam “Dynasty,” featuring the label’s most recent signees Pen Pals. In a press statement, the duo—which comprises Keen Collard and Mahir Mistry—said that the song is centered around the theme of rivalry. “When rival values create rivals,” they said. “Contempt is rising, delusions charge anger, and jealousy is in denial. ‘Dynasty’ is simple, and its voice preaches against exceeding simplicity.”


The collaborative EP also dropped alongside a warped visual for the Reinen cut, “Shadow Knight.” It opens on the singer-producer putting on makeup, but she soon transforms into a spine-tingling bald creature and eventually a cat over the course of the video. Watch it unfold here:

And stream Summer 2020 below:


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