It’s all love with Octo Octa’s new song, “Bodies Meld Together”

From her new EP, out tomorrow.

House producer Octo Octa has dropped “Bodies Meld Together” to tease her new EP, For Lovers, which is out tomorrow.

The second song of the EP, “Bodies Meld Together” serves sensuality over a gentle, hypnotic groove and looping vocal samples. Octo Octa—real name Maya Bouldry-Morrison—called it “a song about physically connecting with the people you love.”

“I believe that connection is a deeply integral part of creating bonds and trust with them,” she told the FADER, which premiered the track. “It’s about sharing an experience of becoming one with them and having that experience carry on. Love is important and showing that love to your partners [is] important. It lets you all become a stronger force together.”


For Lovers drops tomorrow on Technicolour Records. Stream “Bodies Meld Together” below:

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