Illenium premieres new song at Global Dance Festival

"Take You Down" is another smash.

It seems like only yesterday Illenium dropped “Gold (Stupid Love),” his speaker-shattering collaboration with Excision. But it looks like the DJ/producer has a few other new tracks up his sleeve.

During his set at the Global Dance Festival in Colorado over the weekend, Illenium took the moment to give an unreleased track called “Take You Down” a spin.

Featuring the heartfelt vocals of a female singer who’s yet to be officially identified, “Take You Down” is one of the more melodic EDM choons Illenium has released of late. It builds gently, as the lyrics tell a story of a toxic relationship, and as the singer cries “I don’t want to take you down with me,” the drop kicks in.


No word on when “Take You Down” will get an official release, but it’ll be worth adding to your playlist when it arrives. In the meantime, watch Illenium’s set here:

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