Hear two new Burial songs, “Claustro” and “State Forest”

For clubbing and contemplation, respectively.

Enigmatic London producer Burial—real name William Emmanuel Bevan—has released two new songs, “Claustro” and “State Forest.”

The former track is a refreshingly club-oriented track, with a chopped and looped vocal sample over a pulsing synth line and a busy, characteristically Burial beat. The latter is aptly named: Much like ancient, monolithic trees that cast the darkest shadows in a state forest, this contemplative song towers over the listener with its ambient noise and soft synth stabs.

Burial hasn’t released a studio album since 2007’s Untrue and has focused on dropping two-song singles ever since. Last year, he released Fog / Shrine in collaboration with The Bug and worked with Kode9 (founder of Burial’s longtime label, Hyperdub) on FABRICLIVE 100, a mix for the FABRICLIVE series.


Listen to “Claustro” and “State Forest” here:

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