Hear Martin Garrix’s new song with JRM, “These Are the Times”

It’s accompanied by an entertaining dance-filled visual.

Martin Garrix has teamed up with up-and-coming artist JRM for a brand-new song titled “These Are the Times.”

Featuring candy-colored synths and uplifting lyrics, the light-hearted dance pop track is an instant mood-booster. “When life gets you down / We find a way to make it better / When days turn into dark / That’s when we light it up together,” JRM beams on the opening. Elsewhere, he sings about living in the moment and getting through hard times.

The song arrived alongside a video filmed in partnership with Axe Body Spray. It follows a couple who are connected through music, finding their way to each other by dancing through the city. Garrix makes a brief appearance as a passerby in the clip. Check it out here:


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