Hear Marie Davidson and L’Œil Nu’s eclectic new album

‘Renegade Breakdown’ is here.

Marie Davidson and her new group L’Œil Nu have released their debut album Renegade Breakdown.

L’Œil Nu (which means “the naked eye”) are a trio of longtime collaborators. The group comprises Davidson, her husband and Essaie Pas bandmate Pierre Guerineau, and Asaël R. Robitaille. “We wanted to make songs, like the music we’ve been enjoying altogether for more than a decade,” Davidson said in a statement—a reaction to her own disenchantment with club music after an exhausting stint of touring in support of her acclaimed 2018 solo album Working Class Woman.

The ten-track Renegade Breakdown is not merely a dance pop record, as the tongue-in-cheek title track might lead you to expect: “Back to Rock” hews closer to a classic rock power ballad, while “Worst to Worst” nods to Daft Punk and pulls you onto the disco dancefloor. Meanwhile, “Center of the World (Kotti Blues)” offers lovely finger-plucked folk instrumentation.


Stream the eclectic new album below:

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