Hear Lorenzo Senni’s frenetic new song, “Vandalize Music”

Experience “pointillistic trance.”

Italian musician Lorenzo Senni has released the hyperactive new single “Vandalize Music.”

Armed with exquisite synths, Senni first invites listeners into a series of engrossing soundscapes built over frenetic electronic progressions. “Vandalize Music” hits the brakes towards its terminus, swapping out its busy array of synths for a truly beautiful ambient sound.

The song was inspired by photographer John Divola’s Vandalism photo series from the ‘70s. Senni said in a statement: “The process started with the endless build-up compositions, the idea of pointillistic trance, and evolved through my Rave Voyeur concept.”


“Vandalize Music” was released as an appendix of sorts to Senni’s April album Scacco Matto, whose cover art was actually a photo by Divola. It came six years after his 2014 sophomore studio album Superimpositions.

Listen to “Vandalize Music” here:

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