Hear Jessy Lanza’s buoyant new album, ‘All the Time’

It’s worth the four-year wait.

After a four-year wait, Jessy Lanza’s new album All the Time is out now.

The ten-track album is the Canadian electronic musician’s follow-up to the acclaimed Oh No. Lanza had teased the record, which she co-produced with her longtime collaborator Jeremy Greenspan, with a few advance tracks: “Lick in Heaven,” “Face” and “Anyone Around.”

The chirpy, buoyant sounds on All the Time belie the frustration and anger Lanza was going through when she made the album. She’d moved from her hometown of Hamilton, Ontario to New York to live with her boyfriend, but the cross-country shift didn’t alleviate the negativity she’d been struggling with before.

“That was my thing to tackle with this album. Why am I so pissed off? Where does this endless fountain of rage come from? Why is this happening?” Lanza told Bandcamp Daily. “When I listen back to it, it doesn’t sound angry to me, but I certainly felt angry when I was writing a lot of it.”


Stream All the Time below:


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