Hear Bonobo’s collab with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

“Heartbreak” is the debut release of Bonobo’s new Outlier label.

Bonobo (aka Simon Green) and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (Orlando Higginbottom) have collaborated on the new song “Heartbreak.”

Their new track is the duo’s love letter to New York City’s ’70s and ’80s disco revolution that pushes a sample from Class Action’s iconic 1983 single “Weekend” to the forefront. The collaboration arrived with a vibrant lo-fi video featuring strobing lights, aqueous visuals and a falling dancer. It’s a simple rave-inspired clip from director Tom Andrew that captures the free-spirited nature of the track.

“Heartbreak” and B-side “6000 ft” will be released as a 12-inch on Bonobo’s new label Outlier as its debut release. According to Bonobo, “Heartbreak” was the song that acted as the catalyst in starting the label with Ninja Tune.


“Orlando was playing me a fairly stripped back idea he had for something last year,” Bonobo said of the track’s creation. “We spent a few afternoons in his studio trying ideas out and eventually, ‘Heartbreak’ was the end result.”

“Now more than ever it feels important to be putting out dance music with deliberate acknowledgment of its history,” Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs said in a statement. “It’s great to be releasing music with Simon, not to mention the first release on his label.”

The 12-inch pressing of “Heartbreak” and “6000 ft” will drop on November 13. Listen to the A-side while you wait:


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