Galantis drop new track, “San Francisco”

The electronic duo bring their funky beats to the Bay Area.

Galantis have teamed up with dance pop darling Sofia Carson for “San Francisco,” a summer-loving ode to the Californian city.

On it, the Swedish dance duo swap their signature sugar rush-inducing beats for something a li’l cruisier, while Carson reminisces about a love she left behind in SFO. “I met you in a bar in San Francisco / Said you used to have a car before the repo,” the pop starlet sings at the top of the track, a futuristic filter layered over her voice.

Their whirlwind romance included adventures on the Golden Gate bridge and dancing to Stevie Wonder. “I know I won’t forget that night in San Francisco,” she belts before the post-chorus beat kicks in. And if those horns don’t get you moving, the bass definitely will.

Listen to the song below:


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