Four Tet unveils new album, ‘Sixteen Oceans’

    The producer’s first record since 2017’s ‘New Energy’.

    Four Tet in London 2015
    Four Tet. Image: Matthew Baker/Getty Images

    Four Tet—real name Kieran Hebden—has finally released his new album, Sixteen Oceans, on his own label Text Records.

    The producer has been teasing Sixteen Oceans for a while by releasing various album cuts, including Ellie Goulding collaboration “Baby” and “Teenage Birdsong.”

    Hebden’s new LP tackles the formidable task of continuing his Four Tet legacy, and it’s a job he executes with ease. Beautiful soundscapes come thick and fast throughout Sixteen Oceans, subtly referencing his earlier records like Rounds and Pink.

    “Weird going on about this right now with crazy times in the world,” the producer tweeted about Sixteen Oceans’ release. “But when things are intense I always turn to music. So hopefully the release is a helpful thing for some people. I’ve done everything I can to limit the amount of people who have heard the album before release. No review copies sent out etc. I wanted everyone to get it at the same time.”

    Sixteen Oceans is the British producer’s first Four Tet LP since 2017’s New Energy. Between the two albums, he released a three-track EP, Anna Painting, to accompany artist Anna Liber Lewis’ 2019 Muscle Memory exhibition in London.

    Stream Sixteen Oceans below: