Four Tet turns Bicep’s “Opal” into a post-party comedown track

In his remix, English producer puts his ecstatic stamp on Bicep's already-blissful choon.

Four Tet didn’t really do much in his rework of Bicep’s “Opal,” a trance-y track off the latter’s acclaimed 2017 debut. And yet, the Grammy-nominated musician—aka Kieran Hebden—managed to take the tune from the club into the bedroom.

Fortunately for Hebden, the original already invokes dancefloor bliss. So all he had to do was maintain the exuberance while layering on the sounds that have since become his trademark: lulling chords, crowd noises, rough-hewn textures, bells and a springy beat. Even when a harder beat drops, this “Opal” remix retains its introspective, almost melancholic, vibe.

Check out the song here:


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