Flume teams up with Reo Cragun for ‘Quits’ EP

Three tracks from the Aussie producer and California rapper.

Australian producer Flume has tapped California rapper-singer Reo Cragun to release a new EP, Quits.

The EP is sonically tamer compared to Flume’s experimental March mixtape, Hi This is Flume. The three-track release features two original songs—“Quits” and “Levitate”—alongside a new edit of their earlier single, “Friends.”

“Reo’s got a great ability to adapt to whatever’s going on musically. Whether it’s something on the slower side or something high energy, he’s able to complement and engage with it in a way that’s quite unique,” Flume said of their latest collaboration in a press release. 


“From the first session we were having fun and the music was good so we kept going. It’s a friendship as well. We’re friends outside of the studio so it’s just natural and fun to work together,” he added.

Listen to the Quits EP here:

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