Floating Points shares sophomore album, ‘Crush’

A new record by the British producer and neuroscientist.

Last Friday, Floating Points released his sophomore album, Crush.

The Manchester producer (and neuroscientist) born Sam Shepherd offers his listeners an immersive experience in 12 tracks. Advance singles “LesAlpx,” “Last Bloom” and “Anasickmodular” previewed the record’s experimental—yet club-adjacent—direction.

“To me, ‘crush’ evokes a slow violence,” Shepherd said of the album title in a statement, “like the crushing inevitability of self-serving political power-play, climate change, people and ideas being subdued—all these things that make us irate on a daily basis and feeling helpless to it.”


“I was trying to create something that pulls you in,” Shepherd continued, “like when you’re in a club and all the elements combine to create this amazingly immersive moment, something you can’t escape from.”

Shepherd’s sophomore LP comes four years after his debut record, Elaenia. Between the two albums, the British producer released Reflections – Mojave Desert, a short film’s soundtrack recorded live in the titular desert.

Listen to Crush below:


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