Floating Points announces new album ‘Crush’ with “Last Bloom” MV

A breathtaking time-lapse video.

Floating Points, aka Manchester producer Sam Shepherd, has announced his sophomore album Crush with a new single, “Last Bloom,” which arrived with a music video.

“Last Bloom” is loaded with quirks, offering new sounds, melodies and layers with every subsequent listen—not that rewatching its spectacular music video needs any justification. The mesmerizing time-lapse video was helmed by Hamill Industries, which also oversees the complex visual programming for Floating Points shows.

The company built several scale models of “otherworldly landscapes,” it said in a statement, using a five-axis robot arm to “travel” around them. “Different lenses, including a macro probe lens, were used in order to reveal the complexity of these scale worlds,” Hamill Industries explained. “The time-lapses seen throughout the film were shot in some cases over several days with the use of programmed rigs.”


Crush will close the two-year gap following Shepherd’s last release, Reflections – Mojave Desert. It’s the follow-up to his acclaimed 2015 debut, Elaenia, and will also include the previously released track “LesAlpx.”

Crush will be released October 18 via Ninja Tune. Take in the video for “Last Bloom” below:

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