Elohim drops trap-heavy new track, “Buckets”

Co-produced by Skrillex.

Elohim’s latest track “Buckets” is a total trap banger.

Co-produced with Skrillex, “Buckets” is a sinister, almost psychotic-sounding track with plenty of sonic twists and turns over its three-minute runtime. “Suddenly I felt at home / Today’s much better than the day before,” Elohim sings over a soft, but slightly off-kilter, melody.

By the time the chorus drops, Skrillex’s production explodes with a burst of distorted bass and the gentle vocals get swapped out for piercing screams. “Buckets! Fillin’ up my cup like fuck it!” Elohim shrieks.


We can definitely see “Buckets” popping off on the dancefloor. Check it out below:

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