Dutch electronic trio Noisia to disband after 20 years

“We’ve developed and realized that nowadays we want different things.”

Dutch electronic trio Noisia have announced that they intend to split in 2020, after a farewell world tour titled It’s Never the Right Time.

“After 20 years of being Noisia, we are ready to become something new,” the group shared in a statement released on their website. “We’ve all grown as people and as musicians. For almost 20 years, all three of us wanted pretty much the same [thing], but we’ve developed and realized that nowadays we want different things. If we all wanted the same different things, it would make sense to do that as a different Noisia, but we want different different things.”

“We want to celebrate our 20th year and the past 20 years together with everyone who’s been involved and made it all possible,” they added. “We want to go out with a blast and say goodbye to our fans properly, so that we can look back and say, ‘It was an amazing era, and we finished it in style.’”


Nik Roos, Martijn van Sonderen and Thijs de Vlieger first started making music together at the turn of the millennium. Over the course of their two-decade-long career, the trio released two acclaimed studio albums, collaborated with British rap collective Foreign Beggars on 2013’s I Am Legion and influenced a generation of musicians, including mega-DJ Skrillex.

Noisia’s It’s Never the Right Time world tour will take place next year, with details to come. Revisit their 2010 debut album, Split the Atom, here:

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