DMX Krew shares “Jagged” from new album

    ‘Glad to be Sad’ is out next month.

    DMX Krew at a Rephlex Night at Fun in 2002
    DMX Krew in 2002. Image: Hiroyuki Ito / Getty Images

    No, not that DMX. It’s British producer DMX Krew who’s announced a new album, Glad to be Sad, due out next month, and dropped the track “Jagged” as a taster.

    DMX Krew—aka Ed Upton—is a veteran of the British underground scene, having put out music at a constant pace for 25 years now and released music on Aphex Twin’s influential Rephlex label. He’s known for working almost exclusively with hardware, and if Glad to be Sad song titles like “Home Made Drum Machine (Part 2)” and “MR10stery” are any indication, doesn’t look to be straying from that practice anytime soon.

    Glad to be Sad is out March 1 on Hypercolour. Check out “Jagged” below: