Diplo, Poppy’s new track pays homage to La Roux

“Time is Up” is a ménage à trois of bubblegum pop, EDM and disco.

YouTube celeb turned pop star Poppy is gearing up for the fall release of her sophomore album, Am I a Girl? But before the record drops, the singer has shared another single off the record “Time is Up,” which sees her connecting with Diplo for a La Roux-inspired electropop banger.

It opens with the sound of a clock ticking before it launches into a funky, EDM and disco-infused beat. But the lyrics aren’t as upbeat or optimistic as the music suggests. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

The song plays on the theme of AI. Reflecting on the damage done by mankind on Earth, Poppy suggests that robots are set to take over the world. “I don’t need air to breathe when you kill the bees / And every river bed is dry as a bone,” she sings on the bridge.


And it’s got a futuristic visual to match, too. In it, Poppy is an android that slowly brainwashes the human race before she wipes them out. Watch it below:

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