Dillon Francis gives Martin Solveig’s “My Love” a tropical makeover

Spicin’ things up with some steel drums.

Martin Solveig’s “My Love” has been enjoying plenty of time on the charts since its release in June. And in a bid to continue his reign, the French producer has roped in LA-based DJ Dillon Francis to put his own spin on the dancefloor smash.

Francis turns the dial up to 11, transforming the dance pop number into a fist-pumping tropical house banger. There are steel drums, earth-shattering bass and plenty of Afro-Caribbean influences sprinkled into the mix.

“I love Martin to death,” Francis said in a statement. “And I fucking loved the original, so this remix was a piece of cake for me. I’m extremely happy with the finished product, but most of all, I’m extremely happy with how happy Martin is with what I did to the song.”


Solveig responded by praising the American producer for his “unbelievable” rendition and called the track the “definition of a top remix.” “[Francis] took it somewhere else, yet respected the idea, gave his touch, and made a version I like as much as the original. I feel blessed,” Solveig said.

Check it out below:

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