Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore shares new single, “Howler”

From his upcoming EP ‘The Third Chimpanzee.’

Founding Depeche Mode member Martin Gore has shared “Howler,” a new track from his upcoming solo EP The Third Chimpanzee.

Much like previous release “Mandrill,” the sonics of “Howler” swiftly envelop the listener. From the initial pulsating bassline to the eclectic layering of synths and squelching percussion, Gore’s new single exudes a sense of urgency and unease.

“‘Howler’ was the first track I recorded for The Third Chimpanzee EP,” Gore revealed in a statement. “I resynthesized some vocals that almost sounded human, but not quite. That’s why I decided to name the track after a monkey. I thought that would be a good theme to carry on with the rest of the tracks.”


The Third Chimpanzee will be Gore’s first major solo studio release following his 2015 sophomore album MG. The EP borrows its title from Jared Diamond’s 1991 book The Rise and Fall of the Third Chimpanzee, which put the similarities between chimpanzees and humans under the microscope.

In November last year the multi-instrumentalist was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as a part of Depeche Mode alongside Nine Inch Nails, T Rex, Notorious BIG and Whitney Houston.

The Third Chimpanzee will arrive on January 29 via Mute. Listen to “Howler” below:


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