Dean Blunt stars in and directs Panda Bear’s “Token” video

The track will appear on the Animal Collective member’s forthcoming LP, ‘Buoys.’

Dean Blunt is the delightful star of Panda Bear’s newest visual, “Token.”

The home video-style clip, which Blunt also directed, chronicles the British artist-producer’s trip to a carnival. At first, Blunt is put off by the amusement rides, sulking in bumper cars and refusing to enter the fun houses. But towards the end, we finally see him crack a smile as he admires a showcase display of Calico Critters dolls.

As the opening text of the video explains, Blunt had originally intended to create a Toy Story-inspired visual. However, in the midst of conceptualizing the idea, he “lost his fucking mind.” “LITERALLY. He can’t even remember his songs anymore,” the video’s introduction reads. “So we decided to scrap all the stuff he had planned and try to make him have some fun and smile.” The video also urged viewers to wish Blunt luck with his recovery.  


“Token” is the second single from Panda Bear’s upcoming album, Buoys, out February 8. Watch the video below:

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