Deadmau5 unveils collab with dronehands

It’s titled “The Horn of Jericho.”

Deadmau5 has teamed up with Twitch streamer and up-and-coming producer dronehands for a new song, “The Horn of Jericho.”

The track’s eerie, slow-burning instrumental that features pulsating synths, deep bass and intricate plucking, a stark contrast to Deadmau5’s usual monster drop productions. “The Horn of Jericho” is free of any vocal hooks and moves at a steady pace throughout its almost six-minute runtime.

The collab, which appears on dronehands’ freshly released album October Forever, is “sort of [a] Mau5trap [song],” Deadmau5 said during a recent Twitch live stream. “I did like half this track and did [parts] of the melody,” the Canadian DJ revealed.


Listen to “The Horn of Jericho” below:

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