Deadmau5, The Neptunes release zany video for “Pomegranate”

Take in the bizarre street race.

Producers Deadmau5 and The Neptunes—aka Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo—have released an eye-popping music video for their recent single “Pomegranate.”

In the animated clip, Deadmau5 drives stick inside an otherworldly race car initially kitted out with Converse-clad feet for wheels. His competitors—including a pig, rabbit, vaping duck and a watermelon—race ahead of the producer, who launches himself via interstellar flight to… Neptune. It’s a wonderfully weird clip that riffs on the beloved Mario Kart series.

“There was some back and forth early on with Pharrell’s people, trying to figure out if they [the Neptunes] were gonna be in it,” the video’s director Nick Denboer said in a live YouTube Q&A with Deadmau5.

“Originally, I had them in the car with you [Deadmau5]—like Pharrell and Chad hanging out—and they kinda decided that they wanted to be represented as the planet Neptune. It was a bit more, you know, chill.”


Denboer went on to reveal that he almost destroyed the computer he borrowed to generate the music video, and had to ask Deadmau5 to help restore it. The director had previously scattered a range of computer-generated curio across a mansion’s sprawling backyard for Deadmau5’s “Monophobia” music video.

“Pomegranate” joins previous singles “Fall,” “Coasted” and “Satrn” as the tracks marked for inclusion on Deadmau5’s upcoming album. There are currently no details of its title or release date.

Watch the video for “Pomegranate” here:


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