Deadmau5 drops trippy “Monophobia” video

This is the strangest pool party we’ve ever seen.

Last week, Deadmau5 dropped a brand-new EP, mau5ville: Level 1—and one of the record’s highlights includes “Monophobia,” the DJ’s second collaboration with Rob Swire of Pendulum.

The track’s a melodic EDM anthem that’s sure to find a home in plenty of the superstar producer’s sets over the festival season. Song aside, though, the accompanying video takes things in a pretty strange direction. Filmed at Deadmau5’s massive mansion in Ontario, Canada, the clip shows a poolside party kicking off. But it isn’t your run-of-the-mill soirée. The guests here are all twisted, trippy CGI creatures.

There are wacky apes, unicorn-man hybrids, fish with mouse ears… the list goes on. They all cut loose and dance to the track’s uplifting beat. Towards the end, we finally see a glimpse of Deadmau5 himself inside his studio as he struggles to take control of the creatures that roam his house.


Check out the bizarre MV here:

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