David Guetta, Anne Marie release futuristic “Don’t Leave Me Alone” vide

Finding love in a virtual place.

David Guetta and English pop starlet Anne Marie recently collabed on “Don’t Leave Me Alone,” and their dance pop banger has finally received the music video treatment—and it’s futuristic AF.

The clip opens with a slightly distressed Anne Marie as she lounges in her apartment. Life seems pretty bleak at the moment but that all changes when she picks up a pair of virtual reality goggles. As soon as she puts them on, the pop singer travels to a neon-soaked fantasyland, where she meets a handsome man.

Things hit off quickly but as the pair lean in to lock lips, they’re transported to other dreamy landscapes. They row down a romantic canal, run through a postcard-perfect garden and even find themselves on top of a snowy mountain.


It’s a slick, modern clip that’s reminiscent of sci-fi movies like Ready Player One. So if you like that, you’ll enjoy this. Check the video out below.

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