Darkside announce reunion with “Liberty Bell”

Nicolás Jaar and Dave Harrington have a new album on the way.

Nicolás Jaar and Dave Harrington have reunited to release “Liberty Bell,” their first music as Darkside since 2013’s Psychic.

On “Liberty Bell,” the lead single for their upcoming sophomore album Spiral, Darkside craft an immersive soundscape around hypnotic guitars and quicksilver fingerpicking.

Darkside embarked on a hiatus less than a year after releasing their debut album Psychic, performing their final show in September 2014 at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple. But in 2018, Jaar and Harrington linked up again in secret to write new Darkside material. Rashad Becker was then drawn into the fold to mix the album whilst Heba Kadry handled mastering duties.


Prior to “Liberty Bell,” the rumor mill surrounding Darkside’s reformation swung into action with the November release of Psychic Live July 17 2014, a live set recorded during their performance at Dour Festival in Belgium.

In the years since Darkside went on hiatus, Jaar and Herrington developed their own solo careers. This year, Jaar put out the albums Cenizas and Telas, plus the LP 2017-2019 under the moniker Against All Logic. Harrington contributed to Adult Swim’s modern jazz compilation New Jazz Century, and released two songs with Kenny Wollesen: “Investigate & Enjoy” and “It’s Too Late to Look at the Blossoms.”

Spiral will arrive in Spring 2021 via Matador Records. Listen to “Liberty Bell” here:


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