Dan Deacon releases vulnerable new song, “Become a Mountain”

The opening track of his upcoming album, ‘Mystic Familiar.’

Dan Deacon has released “Become a Mountain,” the opening track of his upcoming album Mystic Familiar.

A glorious melange of prancing keys and surging synth lines, “Become a Mountain” aims for transcendence. It also features Deacon singing in his natural, unprocessed voice for the first time ever on record.

“During the four years over which I composed the songs that became Mystic Familiar, I began going to therapy and started a meditation practice. I felt raw and vulnerable while making this album, and I wanted the music to reflect that,” the Baltimore-based producer explained in a press statement.

Mystic Familiar, which also features the single “Sat By a Tree,” is Deacon’s fifth studio album. It arrives January 31 on Domino. Watch experimental animation studio Rapapawn’s beautiful video for “Become a Mountain” below:



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