Cookiee Kawaii’s TikTok hit “Vibe (If I Back it Up)” gets a video

An eye-popping visual that’s all too brief.

Jersey club artist Cookiee Kawaii has spared no expense for the music video for her TikTok hit “Vibe (If I Back it Up).”

Kawaii squeezes a smorgasbord of vibrant outfits and referential scenes into the 84-second runtime, from the nod to Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, to the cowboy scene that pulls from the film Django Unchained and video game Red Dead Redemption. It all culminates in Kawaii sitting on a fire escape, notebook in hand, dreaming up the concepts in video you’ve just watched.

“The ‘Vibe’ video has a lot of elements that only touch the surface of who Cookiee Kawaii is,” the artist said in a statement. “… Every element of the video was super fun and out of the box. My favorite scene was the rock ya hips portion at the end. Most people know I am from Jersey so getting to incorporate that dance was important to me. Overall I can’t wait to get started on more visuals in the future.”

Cookiee Kawaii—who dropped her first song in 2013—released “Vibe (If I Back it Up)” last year, and the track went viral on TikTok in February 2020. Notably, it’s achieved ubiquity on the app without a signature dance move or challenge.


Watch the video for “Vibe” below:


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