Clams Casino cult favorite “I’m God” makes streaming debut

The song, which samples Imogen Heap, was released in 2009.

American producer Clams Casino—real name Michael Volpe—has finally released longtime fan favorite “I’m God” on streaming services, over a decade after its release.

The song originally debuted on a Lil B mixtape in 2009 alongside two other Clams Casino productions. “I’m God” centers on an Imogen Heap sample, which seemed to have blocked the song’s release on streaming services—until now.

Heap officially gave “I’m God” her blessing in a social media post. “This originally just sprung up about tenyears ago,” she tweeted. “So many people fell in love with it and now, finally it’s officially ‘out’!”


“I’m God” was released as part of a package titled Instrumental Relics, which Clams Casino explained collects “some of my favorite instrumentals, many of which have been previously unavailable to stream.”

Last year, Volpe dropped his sophomore album Moon Trip Radio. It was partly inspired by the music of Pennsylvanian artist Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, whom Volpe later discovered was inspired by “I’m God” when he was starting out.

“I was listening to Lil Peep’s music a lot,” Volpe explained to Dazed. “[Wicca Phase Springs Eternal] was popping up here and there in Peep’s music, so I started checking it out from there and getting more into it, and trying to dig a little bit to hear more. I posted something up online about listening to it a lot, and he hit me back from there and told me that the first thing that he ever recorded under the Wicca Phase name was a remix of one of my songs. It was an ‘I’m God’ remix.


“I had no idea about that, I was just listening to and inspired by him. It’s crazy—like, full circle. People take what they take from my music and do their own thing, and then that inspires me back without even knowing about it.”

Listen to “I’m God” and the rest of Instrumental Relics here:

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