Check out Oneohtrix Point Never’s new track, “Black Snow”

Surprise, surprise: Daniel Lopatin sings on the song, off his forthcoming ‘Age of’ record.

Vaporwave pioneer, retro weirdo and straight-up electronic wizard Oneohtrix Point Never has just dropped a new track, “Black Snow.” It’s classic OPN, real name Daniel Lopatin, with one big difference: He actually sings on this.

And we don’t mean the distorted, hellish human noises that appear on Returnal or the ’80s smooth jazz f*ckery of his Channel Pressure collab with Joel Ford. Lopatin sings lead on this, his voice warbling and warped over digital washes, arpeggiating synths, and other OPN staples.

“Black Snow” is the first single off OPN’s highly anticipated album, Age of, which drops on June 1. Check out the video for the tune, directed by Lopatin himself, here:


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