Calvin Harris, Sam Smith head to a ball in “Promises” video

Vogue, voguing, and even more voguing.

Following the release of their karaoke-style lyric video, Calvin Harris and Sam Smith have now shared the official music video for their disco-inflected anthem, “Promises”—and it’s a beautiful homage to New York City’s ball culture.

Ball culture—which brings together drag, art, and the signature voguing dance style—is one of the most creative and free-spirited sub-cultures in the city that never sleeps. It’s the perfect focus for the song, which wears its disco influences with pride.

At the beginning of the clip, vogue performers share what ball culture means to them. “It’s a fantasy,” one says, while another explains that vogue allows him to express his true self. The video then follows Calvin Harris and Sam Smith as they tag along with their newfound friends to an underground club. They tear up the dancefloor in neon-colored outfits, party under falling confetti, and watch the sunrise together.


The whole clip has a homemade quality to it, which only adds to the authentic feel of the visual. Take yourself to the ball below:

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