Burial, The Bug drop collab EP, ‘Fog / Shrine’

The UK producers’ new project, Flame 1, now has a two-track EP of nightmarish, dubby reveries.

Hyperdub labelmates Burial and The Bug have teamed up as Flame 1, and they’ve just released their first EP, Fog / Shrine.

Only the first track, “Fog,” has made its online debut, though—you can check it out via this link. As you’d expect from the UK producers, the tune is haunting, dubby and gritty enough to rattle those bass bins. While Burial churns out his trademark crackling textures and ghostly atmospherics, The Bug exercises the halftime rhythms that made London Zoo so acclaimed when it dropped a decade back.

Fog / Shrine is the inaugural release from The Bug’s new imprint, PRESSURE. It will drop on March 30, and is available as a 12-inch and digital download.

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