Burial returns with loved-up new song, “Chemz”

The A-side to “Dolphinz,” which is out next year.

Burial is back with a loved-up new song, “Chemz.”

The track, which runs 12 and a half minutes, rushes forward frantically on a compressed jumble of emotional vocal samples and accelerating tempo. According to an accompanying description, “Chemz” is a “rave monster that has ingested several tracks and incorporated them into its distended body”—and it definitely sounds like it.

“Chemz” is the A-side of an upcoming single, backed by “Dolphinz.” The vinyl release, due out in April, is unfortunately already sold out on both Bandcamp and Hyperdub’s webstore—disappointing but not surprising for a Burial release.


This comes a few weeks after Burial’s collaborations with Thom Yorke and Four Tet, “Her Revolution” and “His Rope,” were released on streaming services after a limited-edition vinyl release.

Wig out to “Chemz” here:

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