Brian Eno announces massive box set of rare tracks

‘Music for Installations’ collects the ambient wizard’s rare and unreleased music, originally composed for art installations.

If you’re a completist, and owning all of Brian Eno’s studio albums just isn’t enough, well, we’ve got news for you. The ambient musician has just announced Music for Installations, a mega box set that features rare and unreleased music that he composed for his audio-visual art installations.

The compilation collects music from 1986 to the present that was first heard at cultural sites all around the world, such as the Marble Palace in St Petersburg and the Sydney Opera House. Most of the tracks are either unreleased or were only available at the installations themselves.

“If you think of music as a moving, changing form, and painting as a still form, what I’m trying to do is make very still music and paintings that move,” Eno said. “I’m trying to find in both of those forms, the space in-between the traditional concept of music and the traditional concept of painting.”


Music for Installations will drop on May 4 as a six-CD or nine-LP box set. A 64-page booklet, featuring exhibition photos and an Eno-penned essay, will accompany the release. Besides this box set, the artist will also release a collab single with My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields on Record Store Day.

Check out the artwork here:

Brian Eno Music for Installations

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