Boys Noize drops new track under different name

Introducing ELAX.

Boys Noize—aka Alex Ridha—has a knack for surprises. From experimenting with new sounds to releasing unexpected remixes, he’s never been one to chase trends or stick to familiar territory. So it comes as no surprise that the producer decided to release his latest track, “Reaktor,” under a new moniker.

Meet ELAX, his other alter-ego introduced as part of DJ Solomun’s compilation album, Four to the Floor. And “Reaktor” is an intricate instrumental track that fuses percussions with a seriously powerful synth melody. It gradually builds in volume and energy over the length of the track, and is sure to get the dancefloor moving.

ELAX’s music sounds completely different to a Boys Noize track—proving that the man behind both names is one of the most versatile beatmakers in the biz.


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