Boys Noize drops collabs with Kelsey Lu, Chilly Gonzales, Corbin

Hear “Ride or Die” and “IU” now.

Boys Noize has released two new collaborations: “Ride or Die” with Kelsey Lu and Chilly Gonzales, and “IU” with Corbin.

An animated video for the former track was sold as a non-fungible token, or NFT, last weekend on the Nifty Gateway marketplace. The video, which was directed by New York creative studio Art Camp, Danae Gosset and Danica Tan, combined 3D animation with 4,000 hand-drawn pages of art.

Lu described “Ride or Die” as “a journey from introspective melancholy to explosive new heights—how far we travel and how high we go depends on the choices we all must make.” On the other hand, “IU”—which features Corbin, the artist formerly known as Spooky Black—is a moody, aggressive slice of thumping techno.


Watch the video for “Ride or Die” below:

And stream “IU” with Corbin here:


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