Boombox Cartel drop new track, “NBD”

No, it doesn’t stand for “no big deal.”

When it comes to brilliantly produced trap bangers, there aren’t that many acts that are on par with Mad Decent’s Boombox Cartel. And the Mexican duo are back with a vengeance as they release their latest track, “NBD.”

All the hallmarks of a drum ’n’ bass rhythm kick things off at the beginning of the song, but it isn’t long before the track dives into a heavy, room-shaking dubstep breakdown. If your speakers are turned up loud enough, “NBD” will blow them out.

And the energy rarely lets up, riding waves of bass and building up, just to drop down again. There’s a vocal loop on there, too, repeating the phrase “we never back down,” which is where the song gets its title.


Check it out here:

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