“Blow that Smoke” with Major Lazer, Tove Lo

A mellow bop about being reckless and romantic.

Major Lazer’s days are numbered, as Diplo revealed last month, and the EDM trio is releasing a ton of music before they call it quits. Take this new, mellow bop with Tove Lo: “Blow that Smoke.”

Both artists brought their songwriting camps to bear on the new track: Longtime Tove collaborators Ludvig Söderberg and Jakob Jerlström are credited, as well as Jr Blender and the Picard Brothers, who have worked with Major Lazer in the past.

Apparently “Blow that Smoke” has been in the works for quite some time. “It started with me and Diplo just sending ideas back and forth until I sent this vocal I was unsure what to do with, and they made magic with it!” Tove said in a statement. “To me the song is about the sweet escape from your troubles or just mundane life by being a bit reckless and romantic.”


Listen to the track below:

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