Bassnectar previews new track, “Whiplash”

The DJ premiered his new song at Electric Forest.

Bassnectar debuted a new track, “Whiplash,” at Electric Forest yesterday—which is one of the few unreleased tracks the DJ played during his set.

The Californian DJ has a history of trying out new material at the annual two-weekend EDM festival, so it was no surprise to fans that he dropped another piece of ear candy during his stage. This year, he gave the crowd a preview of what to expect from his upcoming LP, Reflective 3.

He described on Twitter that the album will mostly carry “slo mo hypnotic sounds and super hardcore blast beats.” “Big noises headed your way!” he promised.


And Bassnectar saved the best song for the last as he closed the show on a high with a Gnar Gnar collab called “Whiplash.”

The track is a bass-drenched romp that EDM-lovers will lap up. It’s punctuated with a sick drop you can’t help but rave to as it unleashes waves of flanger-like beats. What a way to end a set.

Hear a snippet of Bassnectar’s “Whiplash” below:


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